Every coming year offers a long list of tempting conference invitations and because it’s literally impossible to attend all of them, we have to make a tough choice and put some of the gaming events invites into the “Maybe Some Other Time” drawer. 

The fact that we can’t attend a conference doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve lost the opportunity to learn something new or make new connections. Here are a few tips, how to make the most of the conference even from our own office. 

 Follow the conference hashtag on Twitter

Speakers and attendees often tweet or post interesting quotes, facts, and tidbits from the presentations. You’ll see what the major trends are, which were the popular talks or booths and what people in attendance are learning. You can also engage with the conference as it’s happening and even ask questions to the presenters.

Look out for the live streamed presentations

Check with the conference to see if the presentations will be live-streamed or recorded and shared after the fact. This is a great way to get important updates in real time. 

Don’t miss recap videos

If you can’t watch the live-streamed presentation, go for video recaps, they usually contain the important announcements too. This will help you to figure out what happened, what was relevant and takeaways you need to know.


Check the attendee list

The attendee or a speakers list can help you to find people or companies you might like to connect with, even outside the conference.

Plan ahead

Start your planning at the very start of the year and make clear which conferences you want to attend in person and which ones you will follow virtually. This way you won’t miss any important dates or networking opportunities.



Here are just a few conferences we thought you might like to know about and because they are all happening pretty soon, make sure you don’t miss your spot.  

D.I.C.E Summit Las Vegas, 11tf of February 2020

PAX East Boston, 27th of February 2020

GDC San Francisco, 16th – 20th of March 2020

Reboot Develop Blue Dubrovnik, 23th – 25th of April

GamesBeat Summit 2020 Los Angeles, 28th – 29th of April

Game Connection Asia Xi’An China, 4th of June 2020

Ludicious Zurich Game Festival Zurich, 1st of July 2020

If you are going to any conference this year, definitely let us know. We always appreciate the opportunity to meet and make a new connection. 

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