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4 takeaways from WordCamp Europe 2017

On June 16, 2017, the WordPress Community descended on the French capital for the European installment of WordCamp. Paris is beautiful in the summer, filled with the smell of fresh pastry and espresso from bustling boulangeries and the possibility of a sunny selfie...

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5 Free Must Have Plugins

Running a successful website requires content, visitor interaction and software updates which can be a sizable undertaking regardless of experience level. However, if your website is built through WordPress you have access to thousands of plugins that can make it...

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Introducing SaySo Pubs WordPress Plugin

At SaySo Pubs we specialize in monetizing your websites, games, apps and much more. Through using our current technology for our partners, it was clear that there was a gap in the market where by we could displaY our surveys directly onto WordPress sites. The SaySo...

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4 Tips For Communicating Effectively Online

Effectively communicating online has become a struggle, trying to have a message heard is increasingly difficult due to the mass of information available. As Joann Keyton said in Communication and Organizational Culture: A Key to Understanding Work Experience,...

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Mobile Game Monetization; What Can We Expect from 2017?

  2016 was a monumental year for the mobile gaming industry for 3 reasons: We saw the most successful mobile gaming launch in history with Pokémon Go In turn, the release of virtual reality technology for mobile games became mainstream Clash Royale showed us that...

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3 Tips You Don’t Want To Miss When Redesigning Your UX

  We understand the struggles that come with redesigning your user experience - you’ve built up a user flow that works for your site, users are coming in, it’s functional but you’ve suddenly realised that it’s time to make some improvements. Maybe it’s cosmetic,...

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Why Moms Love Rewarded Surveys

There are 4.3 births worldwide every second, that’s 258 women every minute that becomes a mother. (Or at least a mother again) And I will make a wild guess that if you are not a mother yourself, then you know one. Therefore, you’re probably aware that a mother's time...

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Ad Pricing Models Explained

TGIF, LOL, ASAP... acronyms we’re all probably fairly familiar with. However, as a publisher going into the world of online digital advertising, it's easy to get confused between the CPC’s and CPA’s. In the beginning it was all very basic and simply worked through a...

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