We SaySo is the brand new blog series by SaySo Rewards where you can read fun and interesting content every month! You will gain insights into some of the work we are doing, learn about how market research and monetization are two industries that have collided head-on and lots more. First up in the series, is “Who Says So” where you will learn about who we are, what we do and how we can help your business!

Because History Says So

SaySo Rewards is a division of Research for Good, an online market research sample provider founded in 2013 with the goal of providing high-quality survey participants to research clients while at the same supporting nonprofit organizations. To date, through the support of Action Against Hunger and other organizations, millions of donations have helped to provide food, aid, and relief in suffering nations around the globe.

We can’t thank our existing partners enough for their support and of course, the users that devote their precious time to earn rewards, enabling us to grow as a business and help people who are in need all at the same time.  

We created the SaySo Rewards brand,  with the intention of it facing our internal users, but quickly it became a beast of its own in the affiliate marketing space. With major partnerships already well grounded with direct affiliates, SaySo Rewards is helping publishers increase their revenue month after month, year after year.

Over the years, because of our choice to exclusively work with incentivized traffic sources, we have been able to build an extremely secure platform that negates almost completely, any risk of fraud and therefore an extremely low reversal rate.

Our proprietary software allows partners to integrate with us in a variety of different ways. Whether the particular needs of the partner are for a simple, single link setup or an in-depth, fully customizable API experience or something in between, we can get them set up with us. We also have a portal login, where partners can manually check their progress make edits to their accounts such as updating callback URLs, finance information and more.

The goal for SaySo Rewards is to help businesses generate new revenue whilst keeping a non-converting subset of their user base engaged for longer.

Are You A Fit For The SaySo Rewards Program?

Our core focus is to form strong partnerships with companies that can provide us with high-quality survey participants from a wide variety of online verticals.

For partners to be able to monetize their website or application with SaySo Rewards, they should have premium content to offer to their users. This premium content could be:

  • Items or currency in games
  • Exclusive content that needs to be unlocked
  • Digital or physical goods
  • Rewards and loyalty bonuses

When a user completes a survey with SaySo Rewards, the user should be offered a reward or have points added to their balance on the partners platform!

If the platform doesn’t have a current way to offer rewards or points to its users, don’t worry, you can always drop us an email, explaining your current business model and of our friendly team members will be happy to give you a consultation!

How Can You Get in Touch?

Whether your background is in gaming, rewards, shopping, loyalty, social casino, entertainment, we want to hear from you, so get in touch soon!

You can get started immediately by clicking on the login button on the SaySo Rewards home page, or by emailing us at publishers@saysorewards.com. Our office hours are between 8am and 5pm eastern standard time but are often available outside of these hours as well.

So that’s it for our first, introductory blog post. We hope that you will have found this interesting and remember, if you have any questions at all, just email our team or complete the form at the bottom of the page at www.saysorewards.com

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