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How It Works

SaySo Rewards - Earn - Complete Task


Share your opinions on the products & services you use through completing surveys or taking part in online offers. Your voice can shape future products being developed by big brands.

SaySo Rewards - Earn - Rewards


When you start a SaySo Rewards task through one of our partner sites, you can earn rewards for every completion. Your reward will vary depending on how you start the task.

SaySo Rewards - Earn - Share The Love


In addition to a personal reward for you, we donate a meal to our charity partner Action Against Hunger for every complete! Making your opinion go further.

About Us

We are an online market research company, with a purpose. Our corporate mission is to end childhood deaths from hunger and malnutrition globally by making incremental donations for every completed task by SaySo Rewards participants.

You participate in online offers or anonymous surveys about your preferences, passions, likes and dislikes and, depending on how you come to us, we thank you for your time by making a donation to Action Against Hunger (and through rewards earned on the site that referred you). For example, if you’re playing your favorite mobile game, but need to earn more lives, you may see SaySo Rewards surveys offered as an opportunity to earn lives without having to spend real money. You take a survey, the game rewards you with lives AND we donate a meal to Action Against Hunger. How good is that?

You give your opinions, brands and companies improve their products and services, and the world is made a little bit better with each complete.

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Our Mission

Our 1-for-1 donation model is simple; one complete of an online survey or offer through SaySo Rewards equates to one meal provided to a hungry child around the world through our charity partner Action Against Hunger.

The more you complete through us, the more meals we donate.

Want to learn more about our donation model?

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