Monetize and engage your users, for good!

SaySo Rewards connects you to the multi-billion dollar market research industry, paying top-dollar to hear from your users on everyday products and services.



Easily connect your audience with completion rates of 60%+ and $0.30 EPCs, on thousands of fresh, unique, global opportunities daily with our user-first monetization platform.

Higher Completion Rates

Respecting your users time is one of our key goals. Our sophisticated technology ensures a smooth experience that quickly links users to a relevant survey.

Happy Users More Likely To Return

Our combined CPA & CPC reward model makes for happier users who are more likely to return as we reward attempts as well as completes.

Global Opportunities

Your users will never get bored by seeing the same surveys time and time again as our dedicated survey team ensures a full inventory of exciting, unique, global opportunities.


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Instant integration; multiple options. We do all the processing. Ideal for starting up, limited tech bandwidth, and/or limited operations.


Offerwall product. A more advanced integration, more choice for the source and the individual.

Live Alert

Our most advanced product. State of the art integration offers highest degree of control on supply/inventory management.


Every time one of your users completes a survey, they not only get their own reward but we make a corporate donation to our charity partner. 

Research shows this incentive model is preferred by users and makes for a happier, more engaging experience when participants know their time is going further.




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