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We have new opportunities every day. Users can continually come back to us multiple times per day with the chance to complete an infinite number of surveys.

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With every complete, you are instantly notified so a reward can be credited to the user. More rewards = more engaged users who can continue engaging with your platform.

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Reward, engage and increase your revenue with our international opportunities!

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For every completed survey or offer through SaySo Rewards, we make a corporate donation to end childhood death from hunger and malnutrition.

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Whether you have an existing incentive model built into your platform or want to monetize your WordPress website or blog, SaySo Rewards offer the perfect monetization opportunities with online surveys and offers. With a high payout potential, you can keep your users engaged while also allowing them multiple chances to voice their opinions on topics that are related to them! Quick and easy integration has allowed us to give millions of users access to multiple surveys and offers every day in exchange for virtual rewards (through their favorite websites, games, and apps) or SaySo Rewards which can be exchanged for Gift Cards. We exclusively operate with our partners on CPA basis. With a range of surveys available for completion every day, you can maximize your revenue repeatedly, getting paid every time a user completes a survey. As a SaySo Rewards partner, you won’t only increase your revenue but you will also boost your ethical awareness in the process. Upon completion of every survey or offer our parent company, Research For Good, will make a donation to our non-profit partner Action Against Hunger. You can make money and do good in the world. How great is that?

SaySo Rewards offers an ever growing inventory of over

monthly available conversions.

Now is the time to join our popular and profitable SaySo Rewards partnership!

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Our Mission
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By recruiting and engaging your users to participate in SaySo surveys and offers you are helping us achieve this.

You monetize your users, participants are engaged and rewarded, and the world is made a little bit better with each transaction.

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Your users will love our mission…

I just took one of your surveys for a reward on Gaiaonline for some GaiaCash and I just wanted to say that I think what you’re doing for the hungry is a great idea! I hope to do more surveys for you in the future and I hope you guys feed everyone possible! Keep up the good work! Heather S.

I love taking surveys to earn rewards and help a child in the process. Keep it up SaySo! Mike

This makes me feel great! I needed extra income and that is why I looked into doing surveys online, but to be able to help with a charity makes me want to keep trying some more. Alex P.

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