We SaySo is the new blog series by SaySo Rewards where you can read fun and interesting content every month! Our blogs will cover a wide range of monetization and market research related content, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest news and features from our company. For our second blog post “Making The Most Of Our Product”, we will be giving you an in-depth look at how our integrations work, along with some useful tips on how to choose the most suitable integration method and above all retain a healthy conversion rate.

Getting Started!

At SaySo Rewards we are constantly trying to find the most efficient ways to boost our partner’s conversion rates. Our team provides new and existing partners with the knowledge and guidance needed to ensure that they get the most out of any of our integration methods. We are always interested in growing our business relationships and enjoy keeping communications up after the initial launch of a new single tracking URL or API setup, this is one of the key ways we have had such success with many of our top performing partners.

SaySo Rewards Offerwall UX


Are you interested in an extremely simple set up that is also lucrative? Look no further! Provided you have available real estate on your website or app, this is the option for you. By integrating the SaySo Rewards Offerwall, you will enter into our rev share payment model, where you will earn a different amount for any survey your users complete. Some of these surveys can pay upwards of $20.00.

SaySo Rewards Survey Smart Links


If you are looking for a quick set-up and you don’t have a lot of real estate available to present the SaySo Rewards offerwall on your website or app, then this is the option for you. As long as you have a small amount of space to display our creative image and text, you are ready to start increasing your revenue! When a user clicks on our link, they will be redirected to our landing page and once they hit get started we will start asking them anonymous profile questions so that we can match them with surveys from our inventory. As soon as they complete a survey, we notify you so that you know you will be paid for this action and so that you can reward your user!

Offerwall UX:

  • Easy integration
  • Great for Rewards Apps/Sites
  • Program unique virtual currency
  • Dynamic payouts
  • Ability to turn on “Micro-Rewards” feature

You can preview this experience by clicking the button below:

Smartlinks UX:

  • Easy integration
  • Great for affiliate networks
  • 5 static paying links
  • The user keeps getting routed into surveys
  • Grants access to our entire Global survey inventory

You can preview this experience by clicking the button below:

Now that we’ve gone over the basic integration methods, let’s dive into something a bit more technical and discuss the API integrations along with their benefits. Your overall conversion rate will be determined by which type of API you are able to integrate, however, it is worth mentioning that to boost your conversion rate once live you must stay in touch with the SaySo Rewards team. A healthy conversion rate is seen most in our partners that check in weekly or monthly to optimize their experience with our dedicated team of Integration Associates, we will always offer advice on how to improve things, so long as you keep up the line of communication.

Compare our APIs:

Check ahead of time to see if there are surveys available

Allows you to present surveys using your own look and feel

Single query API

User routing enabled

Allows you to hand pick surveys

Gives you visibility to our entire survey inventory

Requires you to have basic user profile information

Requires that you have detailed user profiles information

Here at SaySo Rewards, we will go above and beyond to help boost your performance. The better you do, the better we do together and the more donations we can make to our chosen non-profit charity. Your account’s performance doesn’t just help your revenue, it makes a difference in the world, to those who need it the most! Let’s do some good today!

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