Who Is SaySo Rewards?


  • SaySo Rewards is a cutting edge monetization platform 
  • We already work with hundreds of websites and mobile apps that offer in-game currencies and items
  • Our mission is to partner with the best game developers in the industry to offer their players more ways to unlock their great content

Why Surveys?


  • Surveys give those gamers who can’t afford additional in-game purchases, a way to earn them instead
  • Our global survey inventory has a wide range of topics to cater to any player no matter their demographic
  • Did you know that in a recent survey over 80% of players said they would fill in a survey to earn in-game items, rather than spend money on microtransactions?


You can see the results for yourself here.

How Does It Work?

  • By integrating our simple code, and adding a menu item, you are ready to start monetizing your player base through surveys
  • Each time a player completes a survey we will notify you in real time so you are aware you will be paid and so that you can reward the user
  • You will have an account with SaySo Rewards, where you can log in and get insights into your audience as well as downloading reports



To find out more on our integration options click here.

What Will It Look Like?


Just click on the video below and watch our demo. This shows what a completed integration would look like on a mobile game.