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How to start monetizing your app

Have you recently developed the most amazing app and are thinking of ways to turn it into a new revenue stream? There are many methods to monetize your app but every developer needs to make sure to choose the right model, strategy and partner that will help them...

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Donation to Action Against Hunger

Just recently, SaySo Rewards made another donation to our charity partner, Action Against Hunger, valuing a total of $30,000. We firstly want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our partners for making this possible! While under these devastating...

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The journey of a mobile app user

The Journey of a Mobile App UserIn the last decade, mobile apps became a significant part of our everyday life and some of the younger generations would even say that without apps their phone would be useless. What is it that makes people use an app over and over...

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Mobile Gamers – 5 Key Findings

This year, it’s predicted that 2.4 billion people around the globe will play a mobile game, and by the end of 2021, the industry is expecting to reach a colossal worth of $91.2 billion. Those figures are hard to ignore, and as we saw its impressive growth in the last...

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App Monetization. 5 Great Ways To Get Started

App Monetization! 5 Great Ways To Get Started! 2019 is now here and with it comes a brand new blog from SaySo Rewards. In this very self-explanatory title, App Monetization! 5 Great Ways To Get Started! we will be talking about (you guessed it), various ways to...

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Loyalty Programs Are The Future

The Rise Of Loyalty Programs As we exiting the holiday period, with belts that feel unusually tight, we here at SaySo Rewards wanted to provide a relatable blog that ties into the season of giving. In The Rise Of Loyalty Programs, we will be breaking down the...

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Microtransactions Need Alternatives

Microtransactions Need Alternatives In the latest blog post from SaySo Rewards, we will be taking a look at a contentious subject in the gaming industry - the use of microtransactions. We will take a look at why game developers have gone down this monetization path...

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Managing Your Community

  For our third blog post “Managing Your Community”, we are diving into something that hits close to home for all online businesses, whether they are app or website based. We’re going over the fundamentals of growing and retaining your community. By the end of...

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Making The Most Of Our Product

  We SaySo is the new blog series by SaySo Rewards where you can read fun and interesting content every month! Our blogs will cover a wide range of monetization and market research related content, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest news and...

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